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Welcome to Rebirth Fitness!

Vasper provides a way for anyone, regardless of physical condition, to reap the far reaching benefits of anaerobic exercise while bypassing the negative physical effects of intense exercise. You can get a 2 hour workout in ONLY 21 minutes….this is not a joke!


What is Vasper?

Vasper uses cold and compression, combined with high intensity interval training. This combination triggers the release of powerful regenerative hormones to repair, grow, and balance your body. It also keeps your core body temperature low, which allows your body to utilize more oxygen.


Benefits of Vasper

·  improved sleep
·  cardiovascular health
·  glucose metabolism
·  muscle strength
·  metabolic function
·  energy
·  endurance
·  cognitive function
·  ….and much more!

Who uses Vasper?

Vasper is a great addition to your rehabilitation regimen, sports performance optimization program, or fitness routine.  Whether you're an injured elite athlete looking to rehab and recover faster, a senior citizen looking to add years and improve your quality of life, a couch potato looking to take back their health, or anywhere in between... 


Ready to try it or still not sure?

That’s ok, because we truly believe in the benefits of Vasper, we will give you 3 FREE, no obligation sessions to try it out.

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